Sunday, March 13, 2022

March rides and riding in the Co. Springs St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 12th.

 The weather for March came in like a Lamb but turned to a Lion quickly, we did get in a ride on the 8th. and then on the 12th. we were invited by BikeCOS to ride with them in the Colorado Springs, CO. St. Patrick's Day Parade!! We staged on Tejon St. the main route and watched the parade pass by till it was our turn to enter as a group! LOL, of course we got put behind all the horses so at time we had to circumvent some horse poo! :(  Oh well it was a blast as we threw out candies and did lot's of close up "high 5's" with all the little kidos and even some of the adults along the parade route.

Perfect weather not hot, not cold a bit breezy but lot's of sunshine. The route was about 3 miles long with lot's of floats, bag pipers, and many different car, motorcycle and other groups all having a great time! When we got to the end we headed back up Cascade St. to finish watching the rest of the parade, then over to Carl Jr's for our favorite "lettuce wrap" hamburger and unsweet iced tea for lunch. It was after 2 PM. when we finished and getting a bit windy so we rode over to Schooks Run Trail going north and headed back to the apt. FUN day, only 8 miles but lot's of SMILES! :)

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