Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March 1st., 2022- A bit of a "summertime" tease in the air as March comes in like a Lamb!! :)

Wow, 65 F, with a bit of breeze and lots of sunshine and no clouds, that's impressive for March in So. Colorado, as March is actually our "2nd. snowiest month of the year"!! Loaded up and headed out to ride the PP Greenway over to Cottonwood Creek Trail via the "detour" route, till the finish laying the concrete from Rockrimmon trail entry up to Woodman Ave. hopefully by late spring/early summer! 

Just a great day to ride although in the shady spots on the Cottonwood Creek Trail there's still a bit of ice/snow left over. The CCT is a very pretty trail and unlike most trails heading east it's got a lot of uphill grade to it, that just makes it a blast coming back into the PPGW! :) Stopped at the only picnic tables in Cottonwood Regional Park to eat our brown bag lunch, then headed west back to the Fontanero St. Trailhead, where we do a "race lap", then ride over the Popcycle Bridge back to the apartment. Pull the trikes up to our 2nd. floor apartment and start working on dinner, stuffed peppers and salad, YUM. 

 Weds. will be even warmer but no ride as friends invited us along on a picnic, when your friends call, it's time to let the trikes take a break! Thursday won't be as warm but still a good day for a RIDE! :)

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