Monday, February 21, 2022

February 2022, A couple of really nice days before the massive Artic Cold Front hit's us on Tue. 2/22 and we are BACK to making ride Video's!!

We've gotten lucky and after the last cold/snow snap we had 3 days of really nice weather so we got in some rides and we are now back to being able to film and upload ride video's again, YEA!!! Last Saturday we took chance and headed up to our local recumbent shop, Angletech to see if service could sneak us in to have Jo's new 8 speed right side "trigger shifter" installed. We had a appt. for Tues. 22 but there's a massive cold front coming in that day, temps in the -0 range, YIKES! They were able to get the unit installed and we headed out for a ride to let Jo get use to the new shifters!  Multi-trails used and we got in 19 miles. Here's a video, part 1 of our ride up to Angletech.

 Then we headed east back down Sinton, then over to T-Gap and ended up on Rock Island Trail over to our favorite turn around point and back to homebase.

On Saturday we started a bit later as I finally sold my SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle that morning! The day started out gray and cloudy, but the clouds went away, and we had a very nice sunny and actually warm enough to take off a layer and unzip the jackets a bit! :) We headed up north on the Pikes Peak Greenway then via the detour over to the Vincent St. bridge and entry point for the Cottonwood Creek Trail. We rode the trail till the Academy Blvd. exit, then turned around and road back to stop at Panera Bread and get some unsweet iced tea to have with our homemade "trail mix" snack! It was getting into the late afternoon so we just headed south on the PP Greenway over the Popcycle Bridge and did a lap of the Fontanero St. Trailhead again turned around and headed to homebase!! A really nice couple of late February rides, sure wish the weather was going to hold out but sadly WINTER is coming back for several days, RATS!!! 

Since I was able to sell my recumbent bike, I'm having a special rear wheel/hub combo built up for my (BJ), TT Rover trike. This wheel will have a 3-speed internal rear hub and the current 12x42 8 speed cassette. This will let me have a "24 speed" instead of just and "8 speed" drive train system. I will have a bit lower gear and a bit higher gear range! :) Can't just add a triple crankset to my TT Rover as it does not have a front derailleur post so I'm really looking forward to getting it installed, hopefully soon and seeing the difference! I will now have 8 speeds in 3 different ranges! FYI. :) 

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