Wednesday, January 26, 2022

January 23, 2022-First "real ride" on the recumbent trikes for the both of us!

Sunday, the day finally dawned sunny and they called for temps in the high 40 F's so we managed to get in our 1st. "real ride" on the recumbent trikes for the both of us. We hadn't been to Manitou for a while, we headed south on the Cascade St. bike lane over towards America the Beautiful Park, downtown. Picked up the Midland Trail heading west through Old Colorado City and over to Manitou Springs. It was still kinda chilly, we only went as far as the Skateboard Bowl Park and ate our homemade trail mix. 

LOL, before we left, we'd decided we'd had enough sugar free jelly and low sugar peanut butter sandwiches and headed back to downtown to go to Panino's Italian Restaurant for our favorite "Panino wrap" called the BIG BOPPER, YUM!! :) Then we stopped at the Colorado Springs Bike Shop for a set of head and taillights for Jo's trike. Heading back to the Shooks Run Trail north we stopped at ACE hardware store to buy a L-bracket to make the homebuilt double water bottle cage BJ made me, stronger. A quick ride home ended the day, 19 miles and a great lunch made for an excellent time out and about on the recumbent, TRIKES! :)

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