Sunday, January 2, 2022

01/02/2022- Welcome to a VERY COLD 2022, Alas we are stuck on the indoor exercise bike! :(

 Welcome to 2022! I did manage to get in two more rides before the "artic front" came in with snow and COLD temps, it was 1 F this morning, the windchill factor is at -10 F, BURR!! :O Well let's start with the last of the 2021 rides, on the 30th. Jo had a "stress test" for her heart so I took off by myself and decided to head towards the Foothills Trail. While it was warmish, it was VERY WINDY, found myself in gusts of 45+ mph. winds!! I was planning on taking Foothills past the Garden of the Gods to check out the new auto roundabout or in USA speak, traffic circle construction but decided to BAIL due the winds being even stronger towards the foothills! Headed back down (east) on the Sinton Trail to the Pikes Peak Greenway and over to the University Shopping Center to use their open dinning pavilion for my brown bag lunch and get a HOT decaf tea! Well the winds got even stronger so I headed home. 17 miles total, sunny, warmish but WINDY, stopped by the new drainage area along Douglas Creek on the Sinton Trail for a photo! 

 On the 31st., New Years Eve 2021 Jo and I decided to face the winds and the chill and get in one last ride! We just pointed the wheel here and there along different paths and bike lanes but after 10 miles decided to head back home as you could SEE the storm coming over Pikes Peak and slowly bringing the New Year's snow and COLD with it! Here's a view coming east over the Chacharras St. bridge heading towards the Olympic Museum into downtown Co. Springs, then up the Weber St. bike lane back to home. Partly sunny, chilly and windy again, so long 2021, we pray that 2022 ends up with better news for all! BJ over 1800 miles and Jo over 1500 miles of riding for 2021!! 

Well 2022, it's COLD so it's indoor riding for the first few days, hopefully by Tuesday the snow will be gone from the roads and we can get in at least a short ride! :)

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  1. The cold sans wind is rally not that bad. I often ride in single digits when the sun is shining and the wind is in South Dakota.