Tuesday, January 11, 2022

January 11, 2022- Just a quick "catch up" post!

 We have been so fortunate with the weather this winter so far! Still able to be on some miles for FUN riding and get in our "utility" rides, being CAR LESS to get food, supplies, etc!! Last Saturday Jan. 8th. we got out for around 18 miles on a very nice sunny and warm day, gota love the is EL Ninia pattern! :) Had a bit of temp drop on Sunday, then Monday we had to go to an appointment. We've found out our Medicare Advantage Plan gives us a FREE membership at some of the local area Gym's. We found a nice small one really close to our apartment building and joined up, take our first "get familiar with the equiptment" session on Friday, at arrugh, 8:30 AM. Mainly wanting to retain and hopefully improve a bit our "muscle mass"! We have noticed as we get older that even though we "ride bikes and walk" a lot the muscles aren't staying firm and seem to be shrinking!! :O We plan on doing mostly "on the machine weight work", no not heavy bar bell lifting. Some arm pulls and leg presses which we don't have ROOM to have a weight bench at home, with all the recumbents, trailer and the recumbent exercise bike taking up more than half of the front room!

Back to the rides, we got out today, Jan. 11th. and headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway picked up the new detour route (They are ripping out the old beat up asphalt and replacing with smooth concrete from Rockrimmon to Woodmen Ave, YEA!!) Then hooking up with the Cottonwood Creek Trail at the Vincent St. bridge, heading East we rode to the Regional Park on the trail. Headed back home and bagged 20 miles, 50 F Sunny but the slight breeze still had a "CHILL" to it so the jackets stayed on! Enjoyed the ride, tomorrow, Jan. 12th. is our SS Retirement payday so it's a VERY NEEDED trip to the food store and then up to Angletech (our area recumbent dealer) to pay another payment on Jo's "New to her", Terra Trike Rambler (20 inch version) trike, it's gona be a bit before we get it paid off but worth the weight and financial sacrifice to get her into a "lighter" and more efficent recumbent trike! Yes, I will be taking over her old TT Rover so we can both have "TRIKES" again! :)

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