Wednesday, January 19, 2022

January 18, 2022-First ride on the "new to us" recumbent trikes!

Ok, so we couldn't go to get Jo her TT Rambler trike last Saturday due to ICE and snow on the roads and trails but with a good melt on Sun/Mon, we headed up to Angletech to get her "fitted" and have the few adjustments needed so her old TT Rover trike would fit ME!! After the fittings, we headed out to lunch on a semi brisk but very sunny day! Stopped at Sonic Drive Inn for a coney dog and a unsweet iced tea. On the ride we found that the shifter for the front derailleur wasn't working right so we headed back and they replaced the shifter and everything worked great! 

We headed out for a short ride before we headed back to the apartment. We stopped for a photo op and hauled back as the winds were starting to come up as a new cold front is supposed to be here by tomorrow morning, BUMMER!! Oh well 10 miles of "SMILES" is still a good day!! I, BJ, have to admit it's nice to get back on a "Recumbent TRIKE"! You never have to worry about balance, and it just makes the ride easier!! :) It will take a bit of getting used too, Jo really likes her new to her TT Rambler trike, it's a bit lighter and more responsive and is happy it is a killer orange and black color frame so for once she gets a trike that's NOT BLUE!! ;) Hope you got in a ride, have an excellent day!


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