Saturday, January 15, 2022

January 15, 2022-The only constant in the universe is: CHANGE! ;)

 Well, we got a bit of winter last night with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch dusting of snow and of course it's just enough to ice and muck up the roads and trails! :( LOL, and of course we found a way to come up with the money to pay off Jo's used Terra Trike Rambler upgraded trike and now we have to WAIT and HOPE the roads melt enough for us to ride up to Angletech and get Jo, FITTED to her new to her trike! :(  Lucky for us, it's SUNNY, still COLD but hopefully by early afternoon we could have the roads and trails clear enough to get up to the shop and get her trike and so I can get "FITTED" to her old TT Rover and take that over so we will both be back to having TRIKES again! YEA, :) Here is a photo of her new to her TT Rambler: 

We have to wait for the 152mm 22/32/44 MTB crankset comes in some time late next week and go back up and have that installed but we are hoping she can "get by" using the stock 170mm crankset till it get's here. See Jo has VERY SHORT legs and so the boom is usually "all the way in" and that puts the 170mm crankarms REALLY close to the cross frame and she can have "heel strike", which would SUCK! We just need it to work for a week but we will see when she get's "fitted" at the shop! 

They will be adding a few "Links of chain" to the now, MY TT Rover X8 so I can "pull the boom out and make it longer to fit my 32 in. legs, that's all that really needs to be done for me to switch out from the SUN EZ-1 SX bike to the trike. I will then put the bike up for sale on craigslist or have it "consignment sale" at Angletech. The EZ-1 SX has been a VERY GOOD bike, no complaints at all, I'm only switching back to a trike because, #1. It makes me even more compatible riding with Jo! #2, LOL, at 66, I ain't getting any YOUNGER and I'm sure the "balance" factor is going to be more "important" in the future! We did get in a couple of short rides and a FOOD run lately but it's been kinda COLD. We also joined a small local area GYM, to try to work on keeping some "muscle mass", that you just seem to lose as you get older. We get lot's of cardio exercise by walking and biking but we don't really keep the muscles fit! LOL, we won't become Gym Rats, but going in for an hour once/twice a week and working on the "resistance machines" then down the road a bit, some light work with weights! Just trying to keep what we got "going"! :)

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