Thursday, February 3, 2022

February 4, 2022- Catching up reports!

 Well we haven't been doing a lot of riding, it's been cold, gray, windy lately. We had a appointment at Angletech for Friday Feb. 5th. to have a 22/32/44 MTB crankset with 152mm arms and a "left side trigger shifter" as due to Jo having a weak left hand, it was just too hard for her to turn the click shifter! Come Monday the weather guesser's said we'd be geting a sub-zero cold front with up to 7 inches of local snow from Tues. night to Thursday morning!! Well our trikes can't plow thru 7 inches of snow, so we called the shop and someone cancelled a service appt. we told them we'd be right up!! See we don't own a CAR so we HAVE to be able to ride to the shop!!! 

Got up at the right time, 11 AM and they installed the components, Jo did a quick test ride and really likes the changes, easier shifting and lower overall gearing for climbing up hill grades!! Sadly the wind was blowing a lot harder by the time they finished so we headed straight back to the apartment to tuck the trikes away for a few days! :(  Today, Thursday, it was -3 F when I got up and the high for the day 15 F so even with the sunshine, there will be very little melting, I figure it will probably be Tuesday the 8th. before the roads and trails will be clear enough to ride! :(

Ok, yes we could mount studded tires, put on every layer of clothes we own but we won't! We live in a upstairs apt. we have no garage we could let the trikes "drip dry" and then hose the road crud off of them so we WALK if we have to go outside when it snows, FYI. We have a "recumbent style" exercise bike here at home we use to "put on the miles"! I did 2 30 min. sessions for a total of 17 miles on Weds. so we aren't totally sluffing, LOL! ;) Our last ride was a run up and down the T-Gap Trail back at the end of Jan. 

So we will let you know what Jo thinks about the updates to her TT Rambler trike once we can get "On The Road Again", as the song says! From very COLD southern Colorado, Peace Out! ;) 

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  1. I hope you will be able to keep up with Jo since her bike upgrades.