Tuesday, July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021 "SHE'S BACK"!! :)

 Good news, Jo's been told by the heart doctors that she's able to start riding her recumbent trike as of the 27th. We needed to get FOOD so we rode the recumbents, pulling the utility trailer to a Neighborhood Market Store (a small Wal-Mart food store) and got our food and supplies for the up coming week! We shop from Weds. to Weds. as we get our SS Retirement checks on the 2nd. Weds. of the month.  It's mostly flat although there is a steep up hill grade on the way back but she did GREAT. We rode EASY and the round trip was only 5 miles so it was a good 1st. ride back from the "heart attack" she had last month. She belongs to a Facebook group called "Recumbent Ladies" and they just had a members T-shirt so we ordered her one and it came yesterday so she got to model it on the trike! :) 

She's got a appointment with Angletech our local recumbent dealer here in Colorado Springs to have a 13x42 8 speed rear cassette installed to make it easier to "climb hills" and up hill grades!! Sadly we can't afford a Efneo Internal Gear Drive, ($5-600 dollars) so she could go from a 8 speed to a 24 speed, maybe some time in the future but the new cassette will be a large help from the trikes STOCK 11x30 8 speed cassette!!  It's kind hilly to get up to the shop via the Sinton Trail so we will be taking it SLOWLY to get her there and I'm spending bucks we don't have but I'm taking her to lunch while they work on the trike!! 

After the up hill incline we stopped in the shade for a drink and breather so I took the photos of my bike and trailer set up, "The RIG", LOL. It's sooooo good to see her back on the trike and smiling!! She's starting to slowly gain distance so she can ride the 2021 VITURAL ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mountains on August 28th. She's more than 1/2 way to her goal of $500 in donations for this event, which being a Type II diabetic that RIDES she fully supports. Hope your getting in some great rides this summer! :) 

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