Saturday, August 7, 2021

August 6, 2021-Got to ride with a new recumbent friend, we went to check out how to access the "SKY Bridge" with recumbents!

 I Got to meet a new fellow recumbent rider, (Alyn, rides a very nice Greenspeed trike!), we met and headed to the Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Co. Springs, CO. to see how to get up to the "Sky Bridge" from the America the Beautiful park! LOL, they have these "rails" up the stairs to push a bike up the very STEEP set of stairs to the Sky Bridge. I tried but the rails, they don't work well for my recumbent bicycle so we checked out the elevator and found it will fit both a trike and compact long wheel base recumbent bicycle to get up to the bridge level! It's the best way to go! Next we rode the bridge back to the front of the Museum, then headed back north to do lunch at the "Crit Cafe" next to Criterium Bicycle Shop on the Pikes Peak Greenway! :) Here's a video with the Relive Mapping of the ride!

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