Thursday, July 22, 2021

"CAR FREE" alas, we are now back to that status in our Retirement Lives! :(

 July 20, 2021: Well our 30 year old Ford Ranger Truck, bit the dust hard, both transmission, engine problems and a broken steering column, have sealed the final fate of "Old Blue". It's been towed off the scrap yard, the repairs would be THOUSANDS of dollars for a truck worth $500-1000 dollars at the most so fair well old friend, hate to see it go out this way but it gave it's all for me, no complaints! :)

So in our life, we were "Car Free" for about 10 years before Jo's heart attack in Jan. 2019, I bought Old Blue from my brother, it was his junk hauling and errand running truck We used it big time for the 1st. year after her heart attack it was on the go constantly!!! About 2 weeks ago it gave up the ghost so now we are again, "Car Free" as now both being retired on our meager Social Security Retirement Income we "CAN NOT" afford even a older used car or truck!  So I pulled the "utility trailer" I built up years ago out of storage, did some maintance and it's now back to full time usage as the "FOOD hauler and larger items pick up"!! :)  I call my bike, (R.E.D. Retired, Extremely Dangerous, like it's owner, LOL), but it's the RIG with the trailer attached! ;)

Back in a earlier blog post,  I sold my Giant Escape 3 Hybrid to get a bike that was more comfortable and "compatible" with Jo's Terra Trike Rover Recumbent Trike and it's 20 inch wheel's. So I now ride a 2007 SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle!! It's a good trailer tugger and quite comfortable to ride! :) It pulls well with 25 to 30 lbs. of food or even more weight with heavier items. R.E.D. has a tiny 16 in. wheel in front and a 20 inch wheel in back, the trailer is both 20 inch wheels, it's a old Burley Kiddie Trailer I converted to do utility work and both the bike, the trike and the trailer are "garaged" in the front room of our 1 bedroom apartment! ;) 

So the "bikes" are now our main mode of transportation so it's gona be FUN this winter have to get food on the warmer days during the week, that's a one good thing about being  retried, I can get out and about on the recumbent when the weather is GOOD! :) That's all for now, hope you all are getting in some great rides, ENJOY, the summer is going WAYYYYY to fast! ;) 

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