Sunday, July 25, 2021

2021-25-21 A bit of a wander here and there type of ride!!

Well Saturday was a ugly gray and chilly day but Sunday dawned with sunshine and since Jo still can't get out for a ride till the 27th. I again headed out by myself and since she's NOT a early riser I was off and riding by 7:30 AM! It's so nice, cooler and wow you could tell it's Sunday as I had the trails mostly to myself! Headed out riding the T-Gap trail which has a real steep incline heading up to Nevada Ave. 

 From there taking the trail up to the Austin Bluffs underpass and over the bridge to pick up a back road and sidewalk back to Templeton Gap Rd and the bike lane over to Nancy Lewis Park, stopped for break and a Fiber One chewy bar!

From the park I just kinda wandered where ever I pointed the front wheel! ;) A run down Shooks Run trail thru the back streets of down town Co. Springs over to the Midland Trail, then over to the Walnut St. bike lane for a stop a nice little coffee shop for some unsweet iced tea. Ate my PB and sugar free Jelly sandwich and Fuji apple, then headed for the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway heading up to Criterium Bicycles. Stopped in to fill up my water bottle, bought a inexpensive tail light for my utility trailer, then was heading home but it was just "too nice" to head back yet so I headed up the the Nevada St. path up to the Vincent St. bridge, a quick connector on Cottonwood Creek Trail back to the PP Greenway heading south to actually head for home this time. 3 hrs. 29 miles fantastic weather, the perfect day to RIDE!! :)

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