Monday, July 5, 2021

July 4, 2021 A Independence Day Ride

 Well sadly Jo isn't medically cleared yet to ride her trike so she headed out for a walk as I headed out on a ride!  Decided it was time to see how the "new to me" SUN EZ-1 SX recumbent bicycle did on some of the steeper uphill graded area's of the Sinton and Foothills trails here in Co. Springs. Was pleased I didn't have to drop into my "low gear" to make the inclines and headed west on Sinton trail but ran into a detour at Chestnut St. were the have closed the trail, arrugh. Got stuck riding a degraded sidewalk all the way to Garden of the Gods Road, (north), then west on GoG Rd. over to 30th. st. to a loaf & jug store. Wanted some Gatoraid ZERO but rats, I forgot my wallet, bummer! I headed south on the Foothills trail and headed over to see if the "visitor center" at the Garden of the Gods was open and it was. Got my water bottle filled and a nature break, then headed again south on the Foothills till I picked up the 31st. St. bike lane over to the Midland Trail. Headed west over to the skateboard park in Manitou Springs and found a shady spot with a open table to eat my brown bag lunch!!

Man, I must be getting OLD, I also forgot my PB and sugar free jelly sandwich!!!! :O Oh well I had a chewy bar, apple and some baked pea crisps so that staved off the hunger pangs! ;) Headed back via the Midland trail and the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to the apt. 17 miles, HOT and SUNNY with just a bit of breeze. A couple of hours after I got back, we fired up the grill, (LOL, just a little George Forman indoor grill) to grill the Nathan's hot dogs, along with potato salad, coleslaw, fruit cocktail for our "Independence Day" feast! Then "carb smart" ice cream and sugar free strawberry syrup and tuned into the Fireworks from NY. on the TV, a excellent "Independence Day" for sure, hope yours was enjoyable too!  Here is a video of my ride: 

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  1. Your food sounds a lot like mine now. Sugar free, nothing made from flour, no fatty meat like bacon or sausage. I'm fine with all that, but all that bad stuff really tasted pretty good.