Monday, April 5, 2021

4-4-2021-Riding the Lake Pueblo State Park Trail, along the Arkansas River

We packed the bikes into the old Ford Ranger PU and headed 40 miles south of Colorado Springs to Pueblo, CO. to ride one of our favorite trails, The Lake Pueblo Reservoir State Park Trail that follows the Arkansas River thru the city of Pueblo. Two totally different landscapes on this concrete trail, heading west, it's like a desert with mesa's and to the east it's like a old forest till you get to where the trail turns north and goes thru the city of Pueblo Down Town areas up to end at the University of Southern CO. It's 21 miles one way from "end to end". We wanted to just do the River portion of the trail BUT found out the trail was closed at 4th. St. looks like they are building a bridge? So we turned around and headed WEST and ended at the Reservoir's South Marina then headed back to the truck and home! 17 miles for us, 85 F, SUNNY, breezy, a taste of SUMMER to come!! :)  

Here's a video:

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