Monday, April 26, 2021

4-25-2021-Just "Out and About" on the Bicycles!

Well after Saturday's very HILLY ride we decided to take it a bit easy and just headed up the Pikes Peak Greenway then EAST on the Cottonwood Creek Trail up to the Regional Park for our brown bag lunch! As stated before the CCT heading east is a constant uphill grade, no real steep parts but it's always a bit uphill. When we got to the park, we noticed the "wind" was getting stronger and we'd be fighting a headwind if we continued northeast on the CCT to it's current ending point so we bailed and headed south for a very mellow ride back down to the PPG and then home. 17 miles RT, Sunny, 70 F partly cloudy with a stiff breeze but kinda a tailwind and with the "down hill" grade it was a very fast return!! LOTS of folks out on the trails today, yes, even though we have had both Covid shots we still wear masks when we ride!! Starting to plan on a Overnight Ride up to Castle Rock, CO. 60+ miles via Hwy. 83/86 as we are now "officially" in training mode for Jo's American Diabetes Assoc. "Tour de Cure" virtual ride on the 28th. of August!! 

If you'd like to make a "donation" to her ADA Ride, here's her "TdC Page" link: JoLynn Ondo's Tour de Cure donation page!  Any amount is good and helps find a CURE for this dreaded disease that literally "takes total control" of your LIFE and is not easy to live with, Thank You very much!! :)


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  1. I wasn't as tired reading this post. The hills got to me on your last writing. This one was much flatter and easier to read.