Monday, April 19, 2021

April 18, 2021-Riding for "ERIC HESS" on the ALS Walk, Run, Ride bike ride event 15K

 At the March 27, 2021,  Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel charity ride they were handing out flyers for a 1st. time walk, run, ride for ALS for those that can't!! A few years ago a very dear friend and fellow bicycle rider of, Eric Hess, pass away from ALS, ie: Lou Gerigh's Disease! :( It's a terrible thing to watch he went from a very vibrant personality to being a  totally wasted physical husk in 1.5 years!!!! :( So when we saw the flyer, we KNEW we had to ride for "Eric"!! It was on Sunday the 18th. starting at 9AM. Well Sat. the 17th. came and on our walk it was very lightly snowing, gray and CHILLY!! We got lucky and the heavy snow didn't make it down from up north so the ride was ON!! 

We arrived at 8:30 AM with lot's of sun but temps around 28 F with a slight breeze, (when you check out the video, look at how much of the mountain range is covered in fresh SNOW!!), So we basically got there as they were setting up, booths etc. Finally it came close to starting time and we found out Jo and I were the ONLY bicyclist to sign up for the event!! :( Luckily they had a very good turn out of walkers/runners so the event was a success!! :) We headed of and rode the 15K route of urban trail with the "Ride Guide" on a recumbent trike, it was a slow ride for us but it felt good as the sun slowly warmed up the temps on the ride. We got back and then rode to down town Colorado Springs to eat a Panino's Restaurant for lunch then picked up the Shooks Run Rail Trail heading north back to our apartment. A total of 20 miles of riding for the day so we hope they will have it next year, Here's to you ERIC HESS!! :)

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