Tuesday, April 13, 2021

April 10/11, 2021-A weekend with nice weather in the insane Spring weather in Southern Colorado!! :O

Ah, Spring time in So. CO. well our weather is "insane" at this time of year, could be 75 F and Sunny or Howling WIND and SNOW from one day to the next, arrugh!! So when you get a weekend that going to be 60 F, mostly sunny and lighter winds, well you just have to RIDE!! :) We did a mix of urban/rail trails, bike lanes and back streets so get in our miles, 22 on Sat. and 20 on a Sun. LOL, yes I know that's not a lot to some but it's early in the season and at 66 years old we like to slowly work up to longer day rides! Here is a link to Sat. ride video:

It felt good to feel the Sun warming on our backs and being able to ride in shorts and short sleeves! We are still getting use to our new "fitness/comfort combo" bikes, as stated before we came off a few years of riding "recumbent trikes" and then "crank forward" type bicycles. The regular "diamond frame" bikes take different mussel groups so we are still working on waking up, dormant mussels!!! Really enjoying the "ease of rolling" with the 700 C sized wheels and tires!!! So for now we were just enjoying and hoping to work up to possible overnight or weekend touring as the temps warm up towards summer. Here's a link to Sun. ride video:

 Oh, I must apologize for the constant, "FLUTTER" in this video, I found a old "handlebar mount" for the video cam and decided to see if it would work on this bike. Sadly it was a "EPIC FAILURE"!! :( The imperfections in the trails and streets cause the "flutter" so I've now gone back to the "Helmet video cam mount", RATS!! Well enjoy, good vid's to use on your cycle trainer or exercise bike, if you like US and the weather is every-changing in the Spring Time. BTW, we've got WIND, Mix of Snow/Rain from Tues. thru Sun. this week, BUMMER, oh well looks like the "Stationary Exercise Bike" will be getting a full workout this week!! Till next time, Take care, Ride Safe, have FUN!! :)


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  1. You two sure know how to seize the good weather! Pedal on.