Wednesday, November 4, 2020

November 3, 2020-WE ARE BACK!!! :)

 Well, sometimes things work out, not like you'd hoped but they, like life, change to meet the situations! We've now sold both the recumbent trikes and thought we'd be "without wheels" for a considerable period of time but we found great bargains on a couple of Electra Townie 21d used bicycles thru Craigslist in Denver and Fort Collins, CO. We decided to spend a portion of the sale funds from Jo's trike and get on a list to purchase two Electra 7d's, these are 7 speed "feet forward" bicycles, cruiser styles for just riding our area rail and urban trails. We had to be placed on a "Waiting List" as bike production is wayyyy behind due to the Covid-19 Pandemic so we started looking at the USED market here in Colorado Springs, it was pretty dead, decided to try Denver and Ft. Collins and found not only much cheaper but 21 speed Electra Townies and bought them!! We picked up Jo's on Tuesday the 3rd. in Littleton, CO. It has been sitting in a garage for almost 2 years and only ridden twice before the senior lady decided she didn't like riding a bicycle! It is decked out very nicely!

 We then found one for ME, yes I wanted a Step-Thru version, (ok, you can call it a girls bike if you must!), it makes it much easier to get on and off and the "feet forward" design let's you get your feet on the ground quicker!! We will pick mine up on Friday, Nov. 6th. up in Longmont, CO. It's much more basic but even the same color! So we will be out riding again soon after we get Old Town Bike Shop to give them tune-up's!

I'll be adding fenders, lights, bell, etc. when we get it home, I'll be getting either black or aluminum colored fenders for mine, LOL, so we know "who's is who's"! ;) Got a appt. for the tune up's on Tuesday, Nov. 10, then we can head out for a RIDE! As the title states, Out and About on Bicycles!

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