Sunday, October 18, 2020

Current Economic Situation SUCKS!! The end of our Recumbent Wanderings! :(

 Hello all who have been kind enough to actually follow us and our triking experiences on this blog! Well as you know we are both 65, retired and living ONLY on our Social Security Retirement's which even added to each other only come out to $26,500.00 a year!! Between prices soaring and being stuck in a very expensive place to live, (Colorado Springs, CO.) we just aren't making ends meet so we have decided to again, DOWN SIZE and sell our recumbent trikes! :(  1st. of all we will be able to close down the needed "Storage Unit" the trikes have to have and maybe we can look at NON-E-Assist bicycles as we could garage them in our upstairs apartment, looking at all possibilities but it doesn't change the fact the TRIKES have to be sold! Yep, it SUCKS but it's life in the current real world.

 So this is to let you know, this could be the LAST POST for our "Recumbent Trike" Blog! The Future could bring changes, so stay tuned! Thanks again for checking us out and to those who actually subscribed, it's been a blast! :) So for now: Take care, Ride SAFE and have FUN! END OF LINE! BYE :(

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