Saturday, March 30, 2019

Rode the VERY COLD "Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel, charity event today!

Rode the very COLD, Walk, Run and Roll for Daniel this morning, my winter gear is seriously lacking, LOL! . Woke up and the streets in Security were clear and the sun was peeking thru so I loaded the trike in the truck and headed down town to America The Beautiful Park for the event. I got there "too early" but it was sunny to start but the WIND was COLD!! Did some laps around the park to try to get warm. Finally we got started, the trail was a bit mucky but not as back as I thought it would be, Rodger was being a "traffic director" by the Templeton Gap Trail Bridge, which had snow and ice on it! Headed up to Cascade then over to a place called "Tap Traders", where they had Pancakes for us, YUM! LOL, ate to much got back on the trike and headed back to the park where they had "Vendors" and music but the skies were getting thick with clouds so I just packed the trike back in the truck and headed home. 15K RT for a great cause, with a decent turn out with the CRUD weather!

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