Thursday, March 28, 2019

Some needed adjustments and a nice ride to boot! :)

On Wed's. I took the trike up to Angletech for some needed adjustments and after they were finished, it was 1:30PM. but the day way Soooo nice that I put on the bike shoes and went for a 14 mile ride along a part of the Sinton and Foothills Trail. The Foothills trail goes along the entryway to the Garden of the Gods Park, here in Colorado Springs, CO. It was 70F, breezy and partly sunny but it was warm and I enjoyed it! Rode off the trail and picked up the 31st. St. Bike Lane down to Colorado Ave and found a Subways for lunch. Then headed back up the trail as heading north has some steep uphill grades along the trail! Got back to the dealership, loaded the trike in the old pick up truck and headed back down south to our storage unit where we keep our trikes and tucked it away. Hopefully the weather won't be as BAD as they are saying for this coming Saturday, as there is a "Charity Ride" for a friend of ours Son, who needs more brain surgery!
With Pikes Peak in the background, riding along the entryway to the Garden of the Gods Park

The newest section of the Foothills Trail, connecting the trail to the 31st. Street Bike Lane!

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