Saturday, March 9, 2019

A break in the CRUD weather and a 1st. RIDE!

Today started with WIND, gusting up to 50mph. so I figured I'd not get to ride but after JoLynn's diabetic support group meeting, the wind finally "mellowed" so I got dressed and got on the Tour II for it's first "official ride"! It was great 50F and sunny with a steady 15mph. breeze but much better than the morning! Just a ride down to Widefield Park, stopped the to eat a luna bar and check out some the "looooong throwers" on the local disc golf course at the park. Headed back via back roads found a good down hill got the trike up to 25mph. it might need a "toe-in" check but it was much more stable than the sunseeker EZ-Tad SX at that speed! 11 miles total got back to the storage unit and did some adding of accessories so it was a good day but the CRUD weather returns tomorrow and last's through most of next week, BUMMER, come on Spring!! :)

Turned out to be a nice day in the local park!

Added a new "wireless" bike computer, mounted it on the mirror, works great!! :)

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