Saturday, October 1, 2022

September 23-24, 2022- Failed video mic test ride and the "Search for Pantyhose Ride"! ;)

 LOL, as usual I'm playing catch up with our Vblog so here's a couple of late Sept. ride video's! I switched from the video cam mounted to the front boom of my trike to a helmet mount set up, hopefully to get, "LESS road noise" on my vid's!! Well I must have turned off the mic setting in the camera so there's no sound except for the intro I added while making producing the video, so you all get music, enjoy!

We got invited by Jo's Sister, Barb to join them at her WHS Class of 1972, 50th. year high school reunion. It was held at the new Great Wolf's Lodge in northern Co. Springs, CO. They did a excellent job setting up the reunion, great food, excellent dance floor and DJ and wonderful displays! Jo and I are a year younger and we are WHS Class of 1973 grads, but I seriously doubt we will have anywhere close to the 50th. Year HS reunion gathering that the Class of 72 had!! :( Oh well, that's life, LOL! We had to take a ride and got iced tea for our brown bag lunch, then headed out to a ROSS store to get Jo some pantyhose for her new dress for the reunion. Headed back home to get ready for the reunion starting a 5 PM. on the 24th.

Here are the videos: 

Hope you enjoyed the videos, the weather was excellent both days for these rides! On the 25th. we got picked up by Barb and Rick to go to the "All Classes WHS Alumni Picnic in Woodland Park, CO. Jo entered a "pumpkin decorating contest", LOL, she didn't win but had fun and the Food and company was excellent! A very busy long weekend for us! :)

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