Thursday, September 22, 2022

September 19 & 20, 2022- As the song says, SUMMER is "Slip, Sliding Away"!! :(

 The last few weeks have been hot here in So. CO. but Weds. and Thursday, (today) it's gray, chilly, breezy with either drizzle or rain! :( Our last rides were as usual, a combo of recreation and transportation in nature. On Monday the 19th., we headed out and just did a multi-trail ride around the area. On Tuesday the 20th., We did our Food ride and then after putting the cold goods in the fridge, we headed out to our usual brown bag lunch spot at the North Nevada Ave. Panera Bread for unsweetened iced tea to go with the PBJ's, LOL! ;) Ok, I failed, I wimped out, yes, I bought a brownie, gulity as charged! ;) Jo even ate a 1/4 of it and we scraped off all the powdered sugar on 1/2 of the top. It, of course, was a bit on the "over sweet" side but it was good!! :) Sometimes you just have to give into the crave as with Jo being a Type II diabetic, we don't normally eat any premade sweets. MODERATION is the best we can do, after all, we are HUMAN!! It sucks sometimes to see others gouging on multi-sweets and we can't get Panera Bread to make ANYTHING that's sugar FREE! :( Yes, we've begged nicely to their corporate offices, and they have turned a deaf ear to us! RATS.

Ok, LOL, we are back on the wagon, I guess we need a diabetics version of AA, yes, I'm JoLynn Ondo and I am a diabetic! Ok, at least at my (BJ) last test Iam, (Thank GOD), not a diabetic but I "follow" Jo's diabetic food plan (diet is a NO NO word in our house!!) so I have the same cravings, etc. SUGAR is addictive, we use Stevia Natural sugar free sweetener, but I will admit it's NOT the same level of intenseness that SUGAR has on your body!!! Still, it's way better than ANY of the other artificial sweeteners we've tried, as Stevia at least doesn't have the "nasty after taste" the rest of the sweeteners do, JMHO.!!  

Back to the rides, sorry about the rave! The ride on the 20th. the sun was intense, but you could still feel the "very slight chill" of the breeze letting you know that "FALL" is coming in fast! The last gasp of summer, letting you know how much we are going to miss the HEAT! :( Still an awesome day for a ride of any kind, even if it starts out as an errand! 17 miles of smiles, finally getting back to the apartment by late afternoon, trikes and trailer put away and awaiting the "cold front" for Wednesday and Thursday. At least Friday and the Weekend look good but we have "evening time" events so no long rides, RATS! 


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