Sunday, October 30, 2022

Riding has been sparce due to a "family tragedy" in Oct.!!!

 Hello all, well we haven't ridden much as of Oct. 26, our Son, Steven passed away unexpectedly!! :( So, except for a video and a couple of photos of a quick "clear the head ride" I managed to get in while my wife Jo and her family were doing "legal" stuff, that I as Steven's "step-dad" wasn't needed to be a part of! Here is the last ride video we shot, it's letting you know what it takes to be without a "truck", ride recumbent trikes and live in a 2nd. story apartment and a bit of a "errand ride" with the cargo trailer hooked up to go get FOOD and supplies! Yes, you lose the "convenience" factor in your lifestyle when you can't AFFORD a truck to haul the trikes around in or go to the FOOD store, etc. You have to PLAN every ride, even the "Errand Rides" but hey, at least you do the bonus of "getting to RIDE"!! ;) 

On Friday, while the wife and Steven's "blood legal" family were doing the "legal" paperwork, etc. for Steven's Cremation Plans, etc. I got a small window of time and took a Clear the Head ride, just to try to get a couple of hours to "think" about the "GOOD TIMES" my Son, Steven and I had as he grew up, His first bike, when we started Mountain Bike Racing together and sharing a motorcycle ride adventure out on the road before it became, "Not Cool" to hang with the Old Man and his friends became more important, which is very natural as your kids grow up! :) Steven was a Chef at many different levels and even a Kitchen Manager for some fancy restaurants at times in his turbulent and up and down career in the Food Industry!! Loved to have him cook for us, as Jo and I eat normal food we prepare but Steven's dishes had flair and imagination and were just sooo good!! :)

I, we will miss him dearly and I do regret that he and I didn't get to "RIDE" much together in his later years, he was just to busy, working the long hours his craft demanded! :( Still I have great memories, what else could I want! :) 


Here as the photos from my "clear the head ride", which I believe was on Friday, Oct. 28, on the Pikes Peak Greenway heading back to the Apt. You can tell it's FALL as the leaves cover a lot of the trail! 

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