Friday, October 21, 2022

October 18 and 20, 2022-PPRRN ride thru the GoG and later, Search for Shot Ride!

On Oct. 18th. I meet up with a few riders on the Pikes Peak Region Recumbent Network at Angletech. We headed out to ride the Garden of the Gods Park here in Co. Springs. Will, Ron, Rodger and I headed up Sinton Trail over to Foothills Trail to the Gateway Rd. entryway into the GoG park. It was a stunning fall day and the ride was really enjoyable. We came back via the Midland Trail and the Pikes Peak Greenway, the rest headed back to Angletech but I left a bit early and headed over to the Good Neighbors Meeting House for my brown bag lunch and unsweet iced tea. LOL, there was supposed to be a video but alas, I forgot to load the battery into the camera so here's a couple of photos!

 On Oct. 20, we headed out to see if the Mobile Covid Shot Center at the Citadel Mall had the "Moderna BA-5 Booster Shots". The Moderna isn't easy to find, and Jo had a really BAD reaction to the Pizer shot booster we got back in May. They did have the right booster shot so I got it but since Jo had the bad reaction the head nurse (El Paso County Health Dept.) refused to give Jo a booster shot, RATS!! :(  We have a request into our doctor for her and Jo to review the problem. The nurse said Jo needed to be at a clinic, where she could get help if she had a bad reaction and wanted to make sure the doctor agreed that Jo should get the shot, as the nurse is afraid that Jo has built up an immunity to the Covid 19 boosters and could now be "allergic" to them, that SUCKS with BA-4 and -5 on the rise in the USA!!

We left the center, stopped off at a McDonalds got a cheap "double hamburger", yes you can still get them, but it's not listed on the menu!! Headed back to the Rock Island Trail then over to the Templeton Gap trail, Pikes Peak Greenway and home. A busy fustrating day but again the weather was awesome, love when we get an Indian Summer here in So. CO. in Oct! Sunday is looking ugly and Monday I have a doc apt. for lab work so hope to get in a last ride on Sat. although it's supposed to be very WINDY! BJ

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