Saturday, October 15, 2022

2nd. Week of Oct. 2022-Misc. and Lunch rides with something special coming on Sat. Oct. 15th.!

 Kinda got lost again, the weeks are starting to fly by in the Fall of 2022! Probably missed a ride but I'll start at the 12th. We headed out for a ride downtown to our bank and then to the Walmart Neighborhood Market Place for the weekly Food Ride, of course pulling the trailer. Got back to the apt., put the cold items in the fridge and freezer and the trailer, then headed out to a "special lunch". We've had a nagging debt that's been hanging over our head for YEARS and we finally paid it off! We celebrated by going to Bird Dog BBQ for some BBQ Ribs!! The day was perfect, warm, sunny and only a slight breeze! The Ribs were great along with coleslaw and potato salad and of course, our unsweetened iced tea! We then headed south on the "Search for", Sugar FREE ice cream but alas, we never found ANY place in town that had it, ended up with 32 miles for the day, awesome! :)

On Friday the 14th. we rode a "Errand Ride", CU for money orders, to the Post Office to mail off the monthly BILLS and then stopped and paid the cell and internet BILL, so sad to see all that go out so fast! :( Decided to spoil ourselves and head to Panera Bread for a 1/2 BBQ chicken sandwich and tomato bisque soup, YUM, LOL, tired of PB&J so NO brown bag today! :) From there we headed north up to Criterium Bike Shop, then up the PPGW to Cottonwood Creek Trail up to the Vincent St. bridge, along the Nevada Ave. bike trail and lane back over to the University Village Colorado Center to pick up the PPGW south and back home. 22 miles RT. 

 Now to the Special Event, on Saturday Oct. 15. the local recumbent shop, Angletech ( here is hosting "Honza and Crew" from AZUB Trikes made in the Checz Republic in Eastern Europe! It's a Meet, Eat and RIDE type of event and as we are good customers, we got an invite to the event/ride!! AZUB Trikes are my favorite recumbent trike but like ICE, HPVelotechnic, Catrike, etc. they are "premium level" trikes sadly out of our meager Social Security Retirement Budget! :( We ride "used" Terra Trikes, they work well but are more entry to mid-level machines and even then, we could only afford USED trikes! Oh well, we plan on heading out for Noon to 5 PM event and ride and getting to meet Honza and crew and DROOL over the display of AZUB trikes anyway! Oh and of course, partake in the consumption of any FOOD, LOL ;) Plan on taking video of the ride and gathering so stay tuned, have a great weekend! :)

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