Sunday, November 6, 2022

November 5th. 2022, Colorado Springs Veteran's Day Parade, we ride with the Veteran Powered Vehicle Group

 We got a invite to ride with the "Veteran Powered Vehicle Group" at the Annual, Co. Springs, CO. Veteran's Day Parade on November 5th. As I am a veteran of both the USAF and the USN, I said yes, and asked if Jo could ride with us for her Dad, Retired US Army, SFC James E. Perse, who served "3 Tours in the Vietnam War in his career!! We got to our group stagging site a bit early and awaited for other riders to arrive. We ended up with 8 riders on a lot of different and even, custom made bikes! 

We were in stagging spot #61 so it was going to be awhile before we got to join up to the parade which closed 7 city blocks along Tejon St. Floats, Groups, Bands, Many JRROTC units from the high schools, the Honor Bell and Solders from Ft. Carson were there. We had a excellent reenactment group who had "period" costumes from every era behind us! We finally got started and Rodger and I held up a "banner" while riding, it was a bit tricky but recumbent trikes made it work! We got to the end, took a group photo. It started out quite gray and chilly, but it got partly sunny and a bit warmer toward the end of the parade. Most of the group headed to go eat but we had a important errand to run, so we said our goodbyes and headed off. After our errand was done, we ate our brown bag lunch at Prospect Lake, then decided to head up to Panera Bread in the University Village Colorado Center for either hot or cold tea according to what we wanted by the time we got there. It was VERY windy for a while but it slightly mellowed on the way back home. 26 miles total, a chilly but fun day ride to support Veteran's! Here are some of the bikes:

I will add a video, when it's produced, very soon, thanks! :)

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