Sunday, May 8, 2022

May 6 and 7, 2022- Just some short "clear the HEAD" rides, as Jo has been in the Hospital since Tue May 3rd. :(

 Hello all, well it's been a very rough 1st. week of May so far, on Monday we headed to Walgreens to get our 2nd. Covid-19 Booster Shots, by Tuesday morning Jo woke up Shaking really hard and freezing, then started constantly throwing up!!!!!! :O We went to emergency room at Penrose Hospital Main and finally got into see the doctor at 6 PM. I told them that she was having a really bad reaction to the 2nd. Covid Booster Shot, they gave her meds and fluid thru a IV and she settled down. We got home about 11:30 PM. RATS, when she woke up on Weds. it started all over again so we went back to the Emergency Room and again waited for hours to get her into a room and seeing the doctor! The decided to keep her in their "Observation Floor" overnight and then decided to actually admit her to a hospital room. She has been thru way too much in the last two years but after giving her mass meds it does seem to be getting better, just very slowly. Today is Sunday, Mother's Day and she has to spend it in a hospital, MAJOR BUMMER!

Inbetween her sleeping a lot and needed tests, I snuck in a couple of short but sweet rides just to "clear my head" and try to calm myself down to be strong for her. On the 6th. I did the normal ride up the Pikes Pike Greenway to Criterium Bicycles then took the detour trail (trail reconstruction on the PPGG past Criterium Bicycles so it's blocked off), back heading south and rode to the end of Wood Ave. turned around and went home to change and head back up to see Jo. Here's a video: 

On the 7th. I found out that they have finished Phase 2 and 3 of the PP Greenway make over and opened it up to ride. I took a break and got the trike out to ride up and check it out. Yep, they took down the construction barriers at Criterium Bicycle Shop so I rode the new "concrete surface" up to just before Woodmen Rd. and turned east on the Cottonwood Creek Trail, it's been a 1 year since this way was open. WOW a huge improvement the old asphalt was potted, had huge frost heave crack and ruts and was very BUMPY! The new concrete is smooth as glass and it's made the area from a "chore to a JOY" to ride, awesome job done by the City and the construction crews!! 

 It will have a official "Ribbon Cutting" ceremony on May 27th. it was great of the city to go ahead and open it up for use early! Now we have our Loop Ride back if we don't won't to ride all the way east to the Cottonwood Regional Park, it's really good to have it back in action. Hopefully Jo will be out of the hospital in the next couple of days, wish us the best and thanks for checking out the BLOG! BJ :)

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