Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 25, 2022-Early Bird Hike and Bike 5-8 AM at the Garden of the Gods Park

LOL, well being retired I rarely am up before 6 AM these days but I just joined up with BikeCOS  as a "Bike Ambassador" my first assignment was to help out with the Monthly Early Bird Hike and Bike at the Garden of the Gods Park. Well it starts at 5AM but our shift isn't till 6AM. That means I have to leave the apartment at 4AM to make sure I get there on my trike as we have NO CAR! Wow I haven't ridden in the DARK for a long time, infact I've never used my main light but that changed. Got the trike down the stairs and out in the dark and turned on the all the lights and was very pleased with my 500W head light! The Pikes Peak Greenway and the Sinton Trails are VERY dark so it was still kinda spooky. We had a heavy WIND storm a couple of days ago and it blew down a LOT of trees onto the trail but lucky for me the city forestery was up to the task and had both trails cleared all the way, YEA!

Pedaling in the dark looking for critters and obstacles, it was still very peaceful riding and I finally got to the Foothills Trail heading down into the Garden of the Gods Park as the dawn slowly was coming on. I was hoping for "Rover" duty but alas I was assigned parking lot and greeter which was ok but wow I got COLD after riding! The turnout they say was a little less than normal but there seemed like lots of runners and bike riders to me. These events are special as they stop all car traffic so the runners and bike riders can use the whole road thru the park! So all I have is a few photos from the parking lot but there not bad! 14 miles RT, lot's of climbing of short but steep uphill grades, headed home after it was over and even though it took me a while to warm up, I enjoyed getting up before the SUN going to start warming up over the next few days, YEA. Got another BikeCOS Ambassador assignment on Friday at 1 PM. It's nice to do what little I can to support area bicycling! :)


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