Tuesday, May 24, 2022

May 19, 2022- SNOW, WIND, RAIN, Gray and Cloudy it's been WILD lately!!! New tires for Jo's trike!

 Wow it's been crazy, for a month it was VERY WIND, hot and Dry, for the last week the LOL, Polar Opposite! We started with extreme winds, then 10 INCHES of wet SNOW and below freezing temps!! :O Now for 3 days it's been chilly, gray and lot's of on and off rain! On the 19th. Jo had a doctors appointment so I headed out for a ride but also to head up to Angletech to get new tires for Jo's trike. We haven't changed out the tires that came on her used TT Rambler but we decided to try something a bit different. Instead of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus on all 3 wheels I installed 2 Standard Marathon's (Green Guard Level 5), 20x1.75 and a more "knobbish" tire a Schwalbe Marathon GT 365, 20x2.15 in the rear. 



Our longest trail here is the Pikes Peak Greenway, which is actually 3 trails, 1. Fountain Regional 2. Monument Valley and 3. New Santa Fe. The entire Fountain trail is dirt and gravel some spots are quite loose. The Monument Valley, (thru Colorado Springs itself), is mostly concrete/asphalt with some dirt, the New Santa Fe is all dirt with several short but steep uphill grades. This can cause "road tires" to lose traction and pushing a recumbent trike up a slick hill is NO FUN! ;) We didn't want a pure BMX or MTB type knobby as 90% of our rides are on the paved trails, streets or roads. So we have just kinda stopped riding the "dirt" parts unless we had no other choice. Well we hope this will let us ride the hardpack gravel and deeper spots so we are giving it a try!  Now I have to get one for MY trike then it's time to get "dirty", LOL! ;)

My ride took me up the Sinton Trail to Angletech, I strapped on 3 tires to my rear rack and hauled them back to our apartment to drop them off, then I headed out for intown ride via the Fontanero St. and Weber St. Bike Lanes into downtown Co. Springs. Turned north again on the Shooks Run Trail and stopped at the Good Neighbors Coffee Shop for a unsweet iced tea and a snack of homemade trail mix. Then headed home, 14 miles and lot's of work for ME switching out 3 new tires for 3 "tried" old one's! :)

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