Monday, May 2, 2022

May 1, 2022-Love to RIDE USA May National Bike Month Challenge starting 1-31 May!

 On Saturday April 30th. we walked in the "Walk to Defeat ALS, Colorado Springs Event at Prospect Lake in Memorial Park with the walk and the walk back to our apartment it was 7.41 miles!! We decided to do a EASY ride on Sunday for the start of the Love to RIDE USA  May National Bike Month Challenge which goes from May1-May 31 each year! We headed north of the PP Greenway and picked up the Templeton Gap Trail heading east to Union Blvd, then picked up a side street over to the on street T-Gap bike lane heading south. Stopping at Nancy Lewis Park for our brown bag lunch. 

We decided to head back over to the Pikes Peak Greenway and head north up to Criterium Bike Shop, then south on the PPGW detour trail for a glass of unsweet iced tea at Panera Bread! I just joined to "Unlimited Sip Club", so I pay a small monthly fee and can drink all the iced or hot drinks I want once a day as long as I do it at one of the area stores! :) 

After our iced tea, we headed back down the Pikes Peak Greenway from the University Commons Center heading south for a slow easy ride home! 17 miles RT, Sunny and warmish with at least a more mellow wind than lately! A decent start to the challenge so we are happy! :)

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