Tuesday, May 17, 2022

May 13 and 15, 2022-Riding All By Myself, Jo is still recovering from a bad reaction to the 2nd. Covid-19 Booster Shot :(

 Well sadly I have been riding "alone" for a couple of weeks as Jo, my wife, had a very bad reaction to the "2nd. Booster Shot of the Pizer Covid-19 vaccine" and ended up in the hospital for a WEEK!!! :( She is slowly recovering; she is up to being able to eat full meals and has walked a couple of 5K walks!! :) The problem is that the DAMN hospital would not release her unless she was on oxygen, DUMB as the ONLY time she has ever needed it is when she's sick and in the Hospital. She sees our family doctor on the 19th. and I PRAY, she will let her "get off" the oxygen and we can cancel the service, it's such a RPITA to have to carry or mount a small oxygen bottle to the rear rack on the trike so she can ride, Jo decided she didn't want to try to ride her trike till she could find out if our doc would tell her, it was ok to "cancel the oxygen!! The major problem with the oxygen on the trike is the small size limits the "distance" we can ride before it runs dry!!!! :( Neither of us are, Happy Campers right now!

My wife knows me well and sent me out for a ride or two by myself to blow off some steam so I did a ride all the way to the current end of the concrete trail on the Cottonwood Creek Trail on "Friday the 13th." ;) 25 miles in very breezy but sunny conditions, it felt GREAT! 

  On Saturday I took Jo on her first "outdoor" walk since leaving the hospital we did a flat and easy 5K with several short stops and she did great. On Sunday the 15th. I was out for a "Ride with a Mission", LOL. I joined up as a "Ambassador" with Bike COS, the local area city sponsored bicycling program and my first time to be a "Ambassador" will be at the Early Bird Bike and Hike at the Garden of the Gods Park on Weds. May 25th. Gads the start time for our "shift" is at 6AM so I needed to know "how long" it takes me to ride the trike from my home to the park to be there on time! I did a "timed ride" and found it takes me a minimum of 1 hour. It's a total "uphill grade ride" with some steep sections on both the Sinton and Foothills Trails to get to the GoG Park. I will have to leave home at "4:30 AM" to get there by 5:30 AM. YIKES, being retired I NEVER get up that early and hardly ever ride in the DARK but that's what's going to have to happen, LOL it's going to be a LOOOOOOONG day! ;) 

Finished off the timed ride by heading back down Sinton and then downtown via the Cascade Ave. bike lane to pick up Shooks Run Trail heading back north. Stopped at the Good Neighbors Coffee House for a unsweet iced tea, then headed back home. 20 miles, less wind than Friday's ride and partly sunny but warm conditions. I'll let you know how my first "Ambassador" gig works out! Have a great week and RIDE any time you can! :)

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