Saturday, December 19, 2020

Changes to Jo's Electra Townie 21d

 Sadly it's been COLD and WET here since our last ride so I've been doing some changes to Jo's Electra Townie that she wanted done. Her bike came to us set up more like a cruiser so a couple of changes are done and one more in the works awaiting parts on order! #1. I changed out the seat from the "very wide" and kinda hard stock Townie seat to a blue/black ladies gel ergonomic spring saddle, then I added some softer blue/black handle bar grips. We'd already changed out the big FAT whitewall tires to some nice 26x1.50 Kenda Kwest road tires so now the bike is looking more like a "comfort bike" instead of a cruiser! :)

Jo's bike set up in the "Cruiser Style"

Jo's Bike as a "Comfort Bike Style"!

We are still waiting for a new "triple crankset" which will have 22/32/44 gearing and shorter 152mm crank arms which will make it so Jo can "spin" easier than the 28/38/48 crankset with 170mm crank arms that comes stock on her bike! Since the new crankset is black it will really update the appearance of her Townie. :)

My RANS Fusion will be getting a couple of changes too, I got it used,  with two different colored wheel/spoke set up's. Angletech ordered a matching front wheel and I too will be getting the lower gearing MTB style crankset (22/32/44) with 170mm crank arms instead of the stock 175mm, 28/38/50 set up. LOL, bike shops LOVE us cause we are always "updating" our bikes! ;) Looks like the weather will break today and we should be able to get in a some rides from Sunday thru Tuesday the coming week, YA! :)

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