Friday, December 4, 2020

A different "new to me" bicycle for BJ and the first, "have to fix the bugs" ride! Dec. 4th. 2020

 Well sometimes, things just end up changing and you didn't really expect it! I was pretty happy with my "new to me", slightly rough Electra Townie 21d but made a mistake and test rode a RANS "crank forward" style bike at Angletech and really liked the machine!! LOL, of course I couldn't afford a new one and most of their used one's at the shop were still out of my lowly budget but leave it to Kelvin and the gang as he found a older Fusion model for sale at his brothers bike shop in Washington State!! :) So I put down a deposit, the bike came in on Dec. 2nd. and I went over to check it out, liked it and loaded it in the truck and headed home, (TOO COLD to ride that day!!!).

I got it to the apt. and pulled all the accessories off the Electra Townie and slowly figured out way to "adapt" them to fit the RANS Fusion! The 3rd. was Jo's birthday so we were busy and it was pretty windy! Sat. the 4th. it was going to be sunny, less wind and 55 F so we headed out for a 10 mile, "let's get the BUGS out of the bike ride", well we only made 5 miles and the front fender rubbed constantly and I forgot, (it's hell getting old!), to pack a 10mm wrench so I couldn't adjust it on the fly. we headed back to the apt. and I found other problems and spent the afternoon and early evening "doing the FIX". Suppose to almost as nice tomorrow so we will try for a longer ride!!! Here's a photo of the RANS Fusion after I got all the "goodies" on!


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