Wednesday, December 9, 2020

December 8th. 2020-Ride to Cottonwood Regional Park, doing the brown bag lunch thing!

We had 3 days of nice weather but could only get out and about on the bikes on Tuesday. We decided to try a trail with more "uphill grades" and test Jo's knee rehab condition. Decided to head north on the Pikes Peak Greenway, then head east on the Cottonwood Creek Trail it's a constant uphill grade all the way to the Cottonwood Regional Park and have a brown bag lunch! Jo did pretty good only walking a bit on the steepest uphill grades. Yes, we wear masks while we ride, enough said! It was a beautiful day 60 F, sunny with just a slight breeze which is excellent at this time of the year!! I too am having a bit of "left knee pain" (yes I am old and have 2 types of arthritis), I think it's more to do with the "change" of leg movement from 2 years riding recumbent trikes and now going back to bicycles. I just need more riding time and the "new to me" 2007 RANS Fusion (crank forward) bicycle. Sadly we forgot to take photos so here is link to a video we made:

 It was a 17+ mile ride and we enjoyed being out and about and stopping for the brown bag lunch. Hope you all got to get in a ride as for us the weather is going to turn COLD from Friday on, RATS! :( Oh well we will RIDE when we can, Take care, Ride Safe, have FUN!

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