Wednesday, April 12, 2023

April 8-11, 2023-Better weather finally getting in some good rides again!!

 Getting towards mid-April, we had a lot of cold and snowy days but not the weather is acting more like Spring. Since we don't own a car the rides have been on area trails and roads but the sunshine is feeling great! Still breezy or windy. On Tuesday we had 80 F and sunny in the morning with the winds increasing as the afternoon rolled on. We headed out north on the Pikes Peak Greenway to a Ice Cream place that has sugar free/lite Sorbet, it turned out good but we caught them early so we got vanilla in a cup. Still makes Jo's Blood Sugar come up but not dangerous. At least, it's not like eating real ice cream which is "TOO SWEET" and feels like you ate a pure SUGAR bomb, now that we use a low carb/low as possible sugar diet. 

Then we headed back down the PPG into downtown Co. Springs for lunch at Panio's 74 for their excellent Big Bopper Wrap that we split and added a couple of small side salads with unsweet iced tea, YUM. From there we rode the Cascade St. bike lane over to Highway 24 W into America the Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland Trail over to the Skateboard Park in Manitou Springs. Came back on the Midland to the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Mesa Springs Greenway to the PPG and then back streets to the storage unit. 29 miles RT, 80 F sunny with a lot of winds! 


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