Thursday, April 13, 2023

April 12, 2023- Errand and Lunch Ride, nice weather but winds are stronger!

 Had several errands to do, stopped at the Credit Union then headed east on the Rock Island Trail up to Academy Blvd., turned north heading for a Kum&Go market that has a nice patio area for our brown bag lunch and some unsweetened iced tea. RATS, much to our surprise, they have removed all the patio tables and chairs, BUMMER. So we stood and used the wall as our table. Jo went to use the restroom, all the sudden I head a sound like air escaping, bummer one of Jo's front tires went FLAT! :( We'd been there for close to an hour so pulled out the tools and went to work on pulling out and replacing the tube with a spare we always carry!!

Got it fixed so we headed back south back to the Rock Island, then headed east again to it's current ending point at Powers Blvd. Turned around and headed west of the Rock Island over to the Templeton Gap Rd. bike lane over to the Fontanero St. bike lane and back street to get over to the Good Neighbors Meeting house to share another unsweet iced tea and eat our homemade energy bars! It was actually the warmest day of the year so far and hit 82 F, since the winds were getting stronger we decided, as it was late afternoon, to head back to the storage unit and call it a day. 18 miles RT, sun and clouds, fairly brisk winds, been quite a while since we rode 4 days in a row and we still have to do a Food Ride on Thursday before the next COLD front comes in for Friday and Saturday!!

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