Tuesday, April 25, 2023

April 25, 2023- Rain drops keep falling on our heads and old man winter just won't leave!!

 Arrugh, lot's of wet, cloudy and chilly weather has been the norm lately! Been raining all afternoon, suppose to snow 2-6 inches tonight, I did mange to bundle up and head out this morning to ride the Sun EZ-1 SC Lite bike up to Angletech to get a new (and safe) front tire for the bike. Under heavy clouds and gray skies! Headed over to the Pikes Peak Greenway to pick up the Sinton Trail heading west. Got up to Angletech to early (9AM), they don't open till 10 AM. so I headed up the trail to 30th. Street and Garden of the Gods Rd. turned around and back down the trail up to Angletech to get a few more miles and use up the excess time!

I was just going to pick up the tire and head but Kirk, did me a big favor and added a new tube and installed it for me! :) The skies got darker so I just headed back down the Sinton Trail/Pikes Peak Greenway to the apartment as that's were we are currently keeping the bike and cargo trailer. The bike will now become my "Cargo Trailer Tugger", so it's name is Tugger! :) Got home, did a few adjustment and the RAIN came and never left, RATS! :(

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