Monday, April 3, 2023

April 1-2, 2023-April Fools day ride and then a ride before the next high wind and possible snow flurries on Tuesday!!

April 1, April Fools Day, was a great day for a ride, it was sunny with light winds and the temps in the 65F range!! We've been wanting to get out and head over to the Sand Creek Trail to see if they ever "finished" the trail to get to the Hancock Expressway. It's been decades but the city finally finished that part of the trail and to our surprise is installing a "lighted crosswalk" for peds/bikes to be able to safely get across the Expressway to take Sand Creek Trail all the way to Los Vegas St and hookup with the Pikes Peak Greenway!

The current way to get to this southeast area trail involves the Rock Island, the Canal Trail, lot's of backstreets and on road bike lanes so it's long ride! We stopped at the Starbuck's at Platte and Murry for our brown bag lunch and our unsweet iced tea. Headed up the sidewalk on Murry Blvd. as it's a insanely busy street for a few blocks!! Got back on Murry using the parking lanes over to the bike lane on Airport Rd. heading east and finally getting to the Sand Creek Trail and heading south. Crossed the Hancock Expressway over to the Pikes Peak Greenway (all dirt trail here) and then headed west to downtown Colorado Springs. Getting late so we jumped on the Weber St. bike lane and back streets to the storage unit. 20+ miles, great weather, light winds, it felt like REAL Spring!! Here is a video of the ride!

April 2., Monday is going to have extremely high winds, up to 60 mph. gusts!! Tuesday, we've got a cold front coming in the temps in the low 40 F range with possible snow showers so we made sure we got in a ride on Sunday! The morning was great, sunny, warmish and light winds. We decided to eat lunch out and wanted a good and cheap hotdog. Headed west on the Sinton Trail up to Garden of the Gods Road, picked up the double wide sidewalk over to Sonic. Well couldn't get served at the stalls due to staff shortages, drive up only service! :( Headed west again up the double wide sidewalk to RedLeg Brewery. The have serveral different cafe's in small metal buildings. We chose the Pizza by the slice and it was very good with a large piece for $5!! 

After lunch, we decided to take it easy today, and headed east back on the Sinton Trail to the Pikes Peak Greenway, up to Criterium Bike Shop, then south on the "detour" trail to the University Village Colorado Center Starbuck's for a unsweet iced tea to go with our THINK sugar free snack bar. The WINDS were getting really strong so we headed back to the storage unit and tucked the trikes in, 1.2 mile walk back to the apartment. 17 miles, lot's of smiles but we won't be riding for a couple of days, RATS!!

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