Tuesday, November 29, 2022

November 26-28, 2022-Ride to Manitou and Cottonwood Creek Trail ride before the SNOW in our area by Tuesday early morning!

 The cold snap finally broke so on Saturday, Nov. 26th. we headed out for a ride to Manitou Springs for our brown bag lunch. A sunny but chilly breeze day and the winds were starting to get stronger as we got into Manitou Springs, via the Midland and Creek Walk trails. Got in a 20+ mile day and back before the winds got really strong for an oncoming Cold Front scheduled for Sunday! Here is a full-length video of our ride to Manitou Springs, where we stopped at the "Skateboard Park" to eat our brown bag lunch!

 Sunday was cold, grey and windy but Monday said it was to be sunny and a high of almost 60 F so we headed out for a ride. LOL, the weather guessers were wrong! It was cloudy and a bit nippy but with snow coming in for Tuesday early morning, we headed out to ride a portion of the Cottonwood Creek Trail. We started on the Pikes Peak Greenway, heading north. Then turned northeast on the CCT. Rode up to the Academy Blvd. North off trail ramp and then turned around and headed to a close Panera Bread for a HOT tea to go with our brown bag lunch! The wind was gaining speed, so we ate "inside" and not on the patio like we normally do. The sun did finally come out, so we rode south over to the Fontanero St. Trailhead, then via back streets to the Safeway Food Store for a few items to get us past the cold spell! Here's a "Video Short" of part of the CCT: 

Well, it's Tuesday Morning and there's 2 inches of fresh snow outside our windows so no riding today, RATS. Oh well, we did enjoy yesterday's ride and it should not take too long to melt off the snow so we can RIDE! :) 20 miles RT, 35-55 F temps, mostly cloudy till later in the day, the CCT is a "urban trail" right at 10 miles long. All uphill grade heading north but not bad overall. BJ 

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