Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December 4-5, 2022-A ride to search for "inexpensive Christmas Cards"-Day 1 NO LUCK!-Day 2, Finally found some semi-affordable ones at a Walmart

On Sunday we decided we needed to find some affordable Christmas Cards so we could get them in the mail! We went to several different Dollar Stores, and they had NONE! So, we headed off to lunch on a sunny but quite chilly day as the breeze was cold. Well we never found any cards that fit our merger budget but it felt good to RIDE! Here is a video of the Search for Cheap Christmas Cards Ride: 

Monday, we figured we'd try some Walmart's and we finally found one that had a semi-affordable box of cards. Ok, we enjoy sending out old fashioned Christmas cards but living on our very meager SS retirement income, the price of stamps, etc. means we have to use "cheap" cards, which are still much better than the current, Facebook Christmas card, JMHO!! The day was warmer with a bit more sunshine, and we stopped at the South. Panera Bread for iced tea to go with our Brown Bag Lunch! On Tuesday we left the trikes at home and walked the cards to the local post office and they are on their way! Mission Accomplished!! The days before our rides were gray, cloudy and cold so it was great to get out and RIDE!! Happy Holidays, however, you celebrate this season!

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