Monday, July 18, 2022

July 16 & 17, 2022-More HOT day rides, the temps are up but so are we, Let's RIDE!

Both Sat. and Sun were in the mid to high 90 F, Sunny with just a chance of rain but none fell! Saturday we headed west to ride up the North Cheyenne Canyon to the Starsmoore Visitors Center at the start of the road up the canyon. It's a constant uphill grade once you leave the 8th. St. bike lane and head up towards the Starsmoore Center!! We stopped to take a water and shade break when shade came out to the bike lane! We got to the center and found a bench in the shade to eat our brown bag lunch.  Note: you can ride up the canyon road to Helen Hunt Falls and Gold Camp Road but, it's thin, with no shoulder or bike lane so you have to Share The Road with the traffic, not our idea of a fun ride!). After that we headed back down and over to the new portion of the Creekside Path over to Nevada Ave. headed for the Southgate Panera Bread for a large unsweet iced tea to share! Lucky for us they have a small patio area in the shade up front so both us and the trikes were out of the HEAT! 

 On Sunday we did a multi-trail loop, started by heading south on the Mesa Springs Trail over to change to heading west on the Midland Trail to 31st. St. Picked up the 31st. Bike Lane over to the start of the Foothills Trail that goes by the entrance of the Garden of the Gods Park. Note: as of now the Foothills Trail is undergoing construction due to the rerouting of 30th. Street so you have to ride thru a slightly ruff GRAVEL entry area over to the other side of the Gateway Rd. into the GoG Park, then you can re-pick up the Foothills Trail over to 31st. and Garden of the Gods Road, heading east to pick up the Sinton Trail. We stopped at Angletech, the local recumbent shop and although it was closed we used their employees picnic area table in the SHADE for lunch! Back on the Sinton Trail we rode to the Pikes Peak Greenway and turned north, again heading to a different Panera Bread for a large unsweet iced tea!! Got our tea and outside table in the shade on the patio, ate our homemade Stevia sweetner and Coco cookies with our tea!! (Note: we have a Unlimited Sips Club Membership at Panera Bread so we stop there A LOT), after our tea and cookies we headed back south on the PPGW and back to our apartment. 21 miles 97 F HOT, sunny. The HEAT is quite a drain on our 67 year old bodies but it was still a GREAT day to RIDE! :)


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