Tuesday, July 12, 2022

July 10, 2022-HOT Ride Part 2 the Movie, and the HEAT goes on!!

 On Sunday we already knew it was going to be a continued day of HEAT, maybe even up to 100 F, which is quite rare for Colorado Springs!! We decided to just take a cruise on the PP Greenway, then head to Manitou Springs via the Midland and Creek Walk Trails as that path has quite a bit of shade!! We did take several shade stops and drank a lot of water with Nunn tablets for added electrolytes, which actually does help when riding in HOT weather. :) We also use "water bandanas", the have a soaking center cloth strip so you get them WET and warp them around your neck to keep you head cooler!! 

This ride is also fairly FLAT as it's one of the true "rail trails" we have here in Colorado Springs, as stated before most of our trails are "Urban" trails remade into bike/walking paths. Even with the HEAT it was still a nice day for a ride and we found a picnic table in a shady spot at the park in Manitou Springs to eat our brown bag lunch! Had a nice conversation with a elderly gentleman for a bit then headed back east on the trail into downtown Colorado Springs with a stop at The Good Neighbors Meeting Place for some unsweet iced tea to go with our homemade Stevia sweetened/Spice cookies (yes, I, BJ made these cookies for Jo since she's a Type 2 diabetic and can't eat most store/bakery cookies!!) for our afternoon snack. We use Whole Wheat Flour instead of "White Flour" and yes, they have some carbs but when you "exercise/cycle" in the HEAT you still NEED some carbs to keep the blood sugar levels from "dropping" too much!!! 

Heading back via Shooks Run we stopped at Safeway food store to pick up more grapes for the dinner meal fruit as we try to use fresh fruit instead of "canned" fruit that has a lot more sugar! Got the trike put away in the apartment and man, the air conditioning sure felt good!

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