Saturday, April 23, 2022

The INSANE WINDS continue, April 21 & 22 2022!!!

Wow, it just continues to be WINDY here, it's been like this for a solid month, that's not normal! On the 21st. we headed up Sinton Trail over to Angletech to get a couple of adjustments done on my TT Rover trike and use their picnic table to eat our brown bag lunch. Since the wind wasn't quite as bad we decided to go ride the Foothills Trail over to the entrance of the Garden of the Gods Park and check out the "progress" of the construction that is being done to improve 30th. St. and entry to the GoG Park. Well it's still a MESS, They have equipment park all along the concrete portion of the trail and you have to use a very rocky and bumpy dirt/large gravel road to get over to the Bike Lane on 31st. Street! LOL, it's like riding in a rock tumbler! Then we headed south to pick up the Midland Trail heading east back into downtown C. Springs. Headed over to the Shooks Run Trail and over to the Neighborhood Meeting House for some unsweet iced tea with our afternoon trail mix snack, (Cinamon Rice Cake, broken up, raisins, no sugar dark chocolate chips for BJ and add Almonds for Jo), it's good! :)  Around 17 miles RT and the day was Sunny and windy.

On the 22nd. it was REALLY WINDY, sometimes gusts up to 65 miles per hour with a very strong sustained wind speed of 30 mph!! Jo needed to get some "liquid embroidery" to add a "In memory of Eric Hess) to our T-shirts for the Walk to Defeat ALS, Colorado Springs, we are doing on April 30th. at 10AM in Memorial Park. We got sand and dirt blown into our faces a lot on our way to Walmart then headed back to the Pikes Peak Greenway, using the Bijou St. bike lanes into downtown over to the PPG. We headed north as Bike COS & Criterium Bicycle Shop were having a "earth day event" at 4PM. 

We were fighting a ever increasing WIND all the way there, they had a Mexican style Food Truck there and some display's of commuter bicycles and a couple of small giveaways and shop specials. LOL, we had to eat our really tasty grilled pork and pineapple quesadilla while holding on to our Styrofoam dinner ware!! The winds got worse and the skies darker due to a brush fire in town so since we didn't have any "spending money" we just chatted with Paula of Bike COS and then fought our way home in a very strong head wind!! 21 miles RT, 80 F temps and sunny but the WINDS just wore us out, we were quite glad to get the trikes and the utility trailer back into the apartment, make a small mixed green salad and be out of the WIND!!! No video cause all you would have heard was the WIND noise! Hope your weather is less windy, till next time, we hope you have "Miles of Smiles", GO RIDE! :)  


  1. The wind has also been testy here on Cape Cod. My electric assist bike however, negates the wind and also any hill that usually conspire against us bicyclists.

  2. That's one of great points of E-assist for sure, although the wind was tough it was more the sand and grit blown into our faces. On of the good points of recumbent trikes is that they are lower to the ground so the wind doesn't blow us around quite as easy as a DF style or taller Recumbent bike! :)