Sunday, April 10, 2022

4-8 and 9, 2022-A couple of good longer rides between cold and Heavy Winds!

 There has been a lot of Heavy Winds and Chilly Temps for early April but we did get a couple of really nice days on Fri. the 8th. and Sat. the 9th. On the 8th. the horrible winds finally backed down to decent breeze level with 55 F and lot's of SUN! We just headed out for a loop ride of several of the local trails and ended up with just over 24 miles. Here's a 1:30 min. video of the ride, I have to say I'm sorry that it's almost impossible to "HEAR" me talk, I have been trying to find a way to make the "MUSIC" much quieter, making it more like "background music" to have music and talk at the same time! BUMMER, I found a volume control on my video production program BUT it didn't affect the music at all and it made my "Talking" almost undetachable, arrugh. There will be totally quite areas of the video and the music is still louder than I want, sigh, back to the drawing board!  Enjoy the video anyway and thanks! Here is a link for the local Network: Pikes Peak Region Recumbent Trike & Bike Network

On Sat. the 9th. it dawned rather cloudy but the temps were in the 70 F's LOL, we even got to wear shorts and short sleeves and put on sun block for the first time in 2022!! Again we headed here and there on different trails, bike lanes, etc. Stopped at Angletech and used there employee "picnic area" to eat our brown bag lunch. We ran into Rodger Reddish and found the he "took" over the admin job on a old recumbent group Jo and I tried to start so via website and Facebook. 

He was leading a ride so we headed to the starting point for the 2 PM. start time and we rode with Rodger and met Betsy a fellow Terra Trike Rider and rode from America the Beautiful Park downtown over to the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in Manitou Springs. Ate a snack and then headed home. They stopped at Rudy's BBQ but sadly it's the end of the month and we had NO FUNDS to eat out so we just headed back to the Apt. Another 24+ mile ride so almost 50 miles in 2 days, LOL it's been quite awhile since we did that many back to back miles! Tried but happy, we made a homemade ham and pineapple pizza with salad and unsweet iced tea, ate and kicked back! :) Here are some photos taken by Rodger of the ride!

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  1. The weather is finally getting favorable. You guys are having fun. Of course you are. Your on bikes.