Saturday, April 16, 2022

More Mid-April Rides: Food and Maintenance Runs

 We've had a lot of WINDS most of March and April with the normal Spring Time weather up's and downs. On the 13th. we pulled down the trikes and utility trailer and headed to the local Walmart Neighborhood Market Place for food and supplies. The wind the day before was really bad, not so strong today and it was sunny! Normally my "trailer hitch" just slides over the end of the axle and is held on by the wheel quick release or nut for non-quick release but the axle on the new SA 3 speed rear hub set up wasn't really "long" enough to be able to keep it on and the last few threads stripped out, YIKES! I had to grease the end of the axle and use a thinner nut but it went on real tight. I decided to build a "hitch mount" so you don't need to have the hitch on the axle:

So this was the "test run" to see if my hitch holder would work. There was a detour on the trail we use to get to the food store and we had to go down a huge hill, then with a full load of food/supplies in the trailer I was a bit worried as it was quite steep and long going back up the hill!! Worked out great, the holder never budged and the trailer pulled well! :)

On Saturday the 15th. we had a service appointment at Angletech for both trikes, alignment and toe-in check and the re-tap of the threads of the axle and a new large acorn nut applied and tightened! Jo's trike had the steering head bushings "greased" and the alignment and toe-in check. It was another very WINDY day but again sunny and was really gusting as you headed north so LOL, we headed south down the Sinton Trail over to the Pikes Peak Greenway and a favorite picnic area by Fountain Creek along the trail for our brown bag lunch! 

Then we headed north to Criterium Bicycle Shop for more water and break. We decided to take the detour trail over to the University Shopping Center and pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway and head south. We only got so far as Jo noticed she lost her "computer"!! Well we doubled back and with luck found the computer on the trail! YEA :) The we headed back south again over to the Bonn Shopping Center to pay Jo's trike loan bill at ENT Fed. Credit Union then to Safeway. We headed back home but decided to finish the ride by going down as far as the Fontanero Street Trailhead. We ate our afternoon snack (cinnamon/apple rice cake), while sitting on a wall and just looked at the mountains!

Spun around and then headed up the path back to the apartment, 19 miles RT, still very windy but nice! :)

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