Saturday, April 2, 2022

April 2, 2022-First ride in April, the "bi-polar" Springtime weather continues! :(

 It was really Windy and chilly on Friday, till late afternoon so we took a 3 mile walk instead of the ride for the day! Saturday the 2nd. was beautiful, 70 F Sunny with a mellow wind so we rode up to Cottonwood Regional Park in the northeast part of the city. Didn't stay long as they have a HUGE youth soccer practice going on, 100's of kids these days is no place for a couple of 65+ year old Seniors!!! :O 

We headed to the park via the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Cottonwood Creek Trail, we were running a bit later than normal as I wanted to "remount" Jo's Bell and Computer and it took me a while to work up mount system (using spare parts of course, LOL!) that worked well and looked semi-decent. We stopped at the open seating/eating area at the University Shopping Center for our "brown bag lunch" and then rode the detour trail over to the Cottonwood Creek Vincent St. bridge trail junction and up the CCT to the park. 22 miles RT and enjoyed every mile as Sunday will bring "more" rain and maybe some snow flurries by early afternoon as another "Low Pressure Weather System" heads from western to eastern Colorado again, arrugh! The great thing about be "poor but retired" is that you can "pick" the days to RIDE, sweet! :)

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