Tuesday, February 15, 2022

February 14th., 2022-A Valentine's Day Ride and lunch meet up with my wife JoLynn!

 Valentine's Day turned out to be a beautiful day, sunny, got up to 53 F, no clouds and a easter egg blue sky! Jo had a heart doctor's appointment so as her Valentine to ME, she told me to go for a RIDE!! :) I decided to do a loop ride, riding 4 different area rail/urban trails. 18 miles, then we met for lunch downtown and got our favorite burger, ie: the NO BUNS, lettuce wrap western bbq cheeseburger, yum, added some baked pea crisps (Jo is not supposed to have fries) and a unsweet iced tea!! Low carbs and very low sugar!! She walked a 5K from the doctor to the cafe and back home so did a 10K day, we both got in a good workout as my ride route has a lot of uphill inclines!! I did stop at the Sky Bridge Overlook for a photo!

LOL, I had planned to take a long video as we now have higher speed 5G internet, but I guess I put in a uncharged battery in the video cam and all I got of the 18-mile ride was a little under 5 minutes of video, rats! :( Oh well here is the link to the video short:

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